Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Zig Zag Psychedelic Dresses and Hotpants by Karina Regazzacci

I am a big fan of colourful Zig Zags and at the time seeked out all the zig zag stretch fabrics I could find in and around London from various textile merchants. Many lended themselves well to clubwear and this particular fabric glowed spectactularly under UV light making it a unique and ideal choice for psychedelic parties. 
These images are part of a photoshoot taken in London 2006. With special thanks to Trevor Spiro: Entrepreneur, Photographer and Founder of the iconic 90's Fashion Mag 'Scene'.

Photography: Trevor Spiro
Model: Amy Houlihan, Australia
Clothing: Karina Regazzacci

Textiles Design, Illustration and Fashion by Karina Regazzacci

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