Sunday, 29 March 2015

Fashion/Character Illustration 1999

Random sketchbook Fashion Illustration Circa1999-2000.  #FashionIllustration
Media: Pen & Photoshop

Zig Zag fabric Clubwear and Festival clothing

Zig Zag stretch fabric Clubwear and Festival clothing Circa 2004. Much of the Clothing I made at this time was using similar colourful fabrics sourced from a variety of London Textile merchants. Items included mini skirts, tops & trousers and were sold in Camden Town as well as from stalls in all night raves.

Model: K. Regazzacci
Photography: Arial Undine

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Neoprene Accessories - Regazzacci Beach Bags

Selection of images from a beach bags range I designed in 2003 - Made from Neoprene (Wetsuit Fabric) in bright bold contrasting colours with Regazzacci logo printed on the surface. Made in conjunction with a UK wetsuit manufacturer based in Cornwall at the time. The range included various s
tyles and colourways. The above photo's were taken in Corsica. 

Monday, 23 March 2015

Textiles Print Design - Psychedelic Cacti

Unashamedly bold, bright and Psychedelic Textiles / Surface pattern design created from artwork inspired by swirling Cacti. The originals from 2002 are the lime/magenta colourway and were digitally printed onto silk. Textiles Design and Illustration by Karina Regazzacci

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Textiles Print and Surface Pattern Design - Spirals & Interconnected shapes

Spirals Textiles Print Design created from the same artwork as the previous Tribal Frogs post. Interconnecting lines join the spirals together creating new geometric shapes... The bottom two images are originals I created in 2002 whilst the ones above are recent adaptations. #TextilesDesign

Monday, 9 March 2015

Textiles Print and Surface Pattern Design - Tribal Frogs/Swirling Abstract shapes

Textile Designs of swirling abstract shapes which form an image reminiscent of Tribal Frogs when put into repeat. I am passionate about creating multi-coloured abstract images with a tribal, psychedelic or geometric feel... The original artwork was from 2002 and the bottom two images were printed onto silk at the time. The three images at the top are more recent adaptations/colourways on the theme. The Palmtree Textile design on my previous post was created using the same original mixed media artwork.
#TextileDesign #TextilePrint #SurfacePatternDesign 

Sunday, 8 March 2015

Textiles Print Design - Decorative Palmtree

Decorative Textile Print design inspired by swirling palmtrees. The original design from 2002 is the last image in the pink/lime green colourway. The first two textile print designs in the blue colourways are something I have been working on just last week... #TextilesPrint

Textiles Print Design - Psychedelic Wool

Textiles print design created from wool that I knitted, scanned, photoshopped and had digitally printed onto silk as part of my degree collection in 2002. The fabric was used for garments as well as a unique decorative parasol umbrella I designed and had professionaly made.